Your journey to yourself...

... in my Seminar & Coaching Space in Karlsruhe City Center

My Seminar and Coaching Space has its own Name: ZebraLounge

Now you may wonder how I came to this name. Quite simply, as an animal lover, at some point I stumbled upon the information that the zebra as a power animal stands for the unification of opposites and the harmonization of polarities. It calls us not to look at life in a one-sided way, but to take different perspectives and find solutions that are at least acceptable for everyone. Nowadays we would probably talk about diversity ;-) Anyway, this appealed to me a lot, because as a mediator and coach this is very important for me. And also otherwise in life I think it is helpful if we are willing and able to put ourselves in others' shoes and recognize commonalities instead of getting upset over and over again about what separates us from others.

Some details about my ZebraLounge...

The Zebra Lounge is air-conditioned and has a spacious 109 sqm and is located on the top floor of Karlstraße 27 in Karlsruhe's city center at Europaplatz. It is only 5 streetcar stops from the main train station. In the immediate vicinity there are numerous restaurants and shopping opportunities and yet it is very quiet and offers a fantastic view over the surrounding houses and the Stephansplatz.

You can also rent the ZebraLounge...

At the times when I do not need it myself, you can rent the Zebra Lounge. If this is of interest to you, please write me an E-Mail or give me a call.

And here are the conditions for renting my ZebraLounge for download:

Requirements for ZebraLounge Rental
ZebraLounge Conditions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 203.9 KB

Feel like home.