Your journey to yourself...

...on your own with tools from my Self-Coaching-Tool Shop

I am very happy to be able to offer you a selection of my self-coaching tools online!

All of these tools I have originally developed for myself. After all, we coaches don't have a halo on our heads and, of course, like everyone else, we get triggered by something from time to time, which we then have to nibble on. And then we book coaching sessions for ourselves with our coaches. Or we help ourselves by way of self-coaching. Because sometimes that's possible!


And since I've had quite a few crises to deal with in my 25 years of self-employment, quite a few self-coaching tools have emerged in the process over the years. Some of them I have worked out in such a way that people who are not experts in the field of psychology can help themselves to some extent. Some of the self-coaching-tools you can buy on Amazon (and exclusively on Amazon, because otherwise, it would be logistically impossible for me to manage), and some others you can download for free further down on the website.


Enjoy browsing!


Free your Mind Journal

A self coaching tool and frustration relief journal to help you get rid of stressful thoughts and feelings and regain your inner balance. If your thoughts keep circling around one topic and you have trouble switching off and focusing on something else, it will support you in clearing your mind again.


Available for 7,90 €

Release your Blocks Journal

A self coaching tool and mindset journal to help you break through obstructive thought and behavior patterns. If you find yourself having the same disruptive thoughts and feelings over and over again in certain situations and/or engaging in the same stupid behavior, it will help you to change that.


Available for 7,90 €

Boost your Decisions Journal

A self coaching tool and decision-making journal to help you make clear decisions. If you feel torn inside about an issue that moves you and don't know what to do, it will support you in getting clarity. Once you've gone through the process in this workbook, you'll have clarity about what to do next and why it's important to you.


Available for 7,90 €

Reclaim your Power Journal

A self coaching tool and personal development journal to help you deal constructively with 'trigger people' and grow personally in the process. If you are having stress with someone whose nature upsets you but who you can't easily avoid, it will help you deal with that person in a level-headed way.



Available for 7,90 €

Improve your Mood Diary

A self coaching tool and happiness diary to increase your everyday satisfaction and develop a positive attitude towards life. According to research ~40% of our happiness depends on how we think about ourselves and others and how we behave. With this workbook you will train your gratitude muscles and feel more serene and optimistic again.


Available for 5,90 €

Reach your Goals Journal

A self coaching tool and manifestation journal to help you learn how to achieve your goals more easily, systematically and without pressure. The workbook contains a template that you can follow step by step to take YOUR dreams - one by one - from vision to reality and manifest your desires. 



 Available for 7,90 €

Business Coaching

How to support people effectively and establish yourself successfully on the market as a coach. 
2nd edition of my approx. 300-page basic work on coaching, first published by the renowned GABAL publishing house on August 12, 2014.





 Available for 29,90 €

My LifeCruise Navigator

How to thrive in Business AND Life.

A workbook to become aware of who you are, what makes you tick, what professional activity and what employers or clients are ideal for you, what you need and can do to thrive rather than sink in work and live a satisfied life.




Available for 17,90 €

"Free Your Mind" Coaching-Bot

Get rid of bad emotions and find your inner balance.

A coaching bot is an artificial intelligence that takes on the role of a coach. In my 'Free your Mind' coaching bot, this artificial intelligence is a cute, wise panda bear named Pandu. ;-) 

This bot has the potential to replace a session with a coach!


Available for 7,90 €
(1 year unlimited use)

"Clean Setup" Coaching-Bot

Get in the mood for an important appointment or the day ahead.

A coaching bot is an artificial intelligence that takes on the role of a coach. In my 'Clean Setup' coaching bot, this artificial intelligence is a cute, wise panda bear named Pandu. ;-)

Once you've gone through the bot, you'll feel more confident.


Available for 3,90 €
(1 year unlimited use)


List of common Beliefs
to support the detection of beliefs, that control your thoughts, feelings and actions from within
A list of common beliefs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 187.5 KB
Scandalmonger List
to support the recognition and acceptance of those of your shadow parts that lead to stress with 'trigger people'
Scandalmonger List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 437.7 KB

List of Feelings & Needs
according to Nonviolent Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
Feelings & Needs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 671.8 KB
(Re-)Act with Respect
the Nonviolent Communication model adapted for the business context
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 806.2 KB

Believe in your own Magic!