Coaching-Skills for Leaders

Reaching Goals with Ease instead of Squeeze

I believe that all people are committed to give their best at work and strive to cooperate with others if they are at peace with themselves. With lovingly designed coaching-sessions, coaching-skills-trainings, self-coaching-tools, books, videos and blog-posts, which equally adress body, mind and soul, I would like to contribute to more and more people finding peace of mind. Does this sound like you? Read on...



are someone who is commonly referred to as 'key player': in a leadership-function (e.g. as executive, entrepreneur, consultant, software-architect), very busy, with high standards and an increasing yearning for more ease and peace of mind.



help you break free from inner and outer constraints, stay creative and productive and reach your goals with ease instead of squeeze.


If you work with me you will afterwards be clear, relieved and relaxed and you will have a plan which you will tackle elatedly and confidently.


I love to encourage and enable people to be highly productive yet remain humane. What drives me is the desire to connect productivity with zest for life.


If that is your passion as well, I help you keep cool, creative and productive. And  if you would like to acquire real profound coaching-skills, you might want to register for my internationally recognized coach-training (ICF Accredited Coach Training Program) which I offer in cooperation with the Educational Center of the Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe leading to the title Business Coach IHK.


What I do is based on my internationally recognized certifications as coach (Master Certified Coach / ICF), mediator, trainer for Nonviolent Communication (NVC), therapist for Integrated Solution-oriented Psychology (ILP) and ThetaHealing Instructor, as well as my own experiences in leadership-functions. 


My core compentencies are

  • flow-inspiring, agile, appreciative leadership
  • self-leadership, stress management, resilience
  • nonviolent communication (NVC) in business
  • cooperative assertiveness
  • single-/group-/team-/mentor-coaching
  • coach-training
  • conflict-mediation
  • unique positioning strategy (EKS). 

If this sounds appealing to you, please browse my website for further details about my services or contact me in my office in Karlsruhe / Germany under +49 721 9 37 48 10 or via Email to

Business Coach Training


Yet another group of my internationally recognized coach training (Accredited Coach Training Program / ICF), which I have been conducting in cooperation with the Educational Center of the Chamber of Commerce in Karlsruhe (IHK Bildungs-zentrum Karlsruhe) since 2008, starts on September 23, 2016. Please follow this link for more information. If you are interested make sure to sign up as soon as possible to save yourself a spot in the training.