Do you want to stay productive & creative and start your day with joy & vigor?

Did you spontaneously nod and say 'yes' inside? Then please read on...  


You've come to the right place if you are one of those dedicated and performance-oriented people. Who are quality and responsibility conscious and want to make a difference in the world. Who are called high performers or key players. Who struggle with pressure and stress, with unwilling colleagues, annoying conditions and overwhelming demands. And with a nagging feeling of inner emptiness and dissatisfaction, because they have the impression that they are treading water and that life has somehow become difficult and joyless. Who long to go into the day with more joy and vigor again! 

Does that sound like you?

If so, I can tell you that I felt the same way for a long time:


  • Constantly tense and stressed out
  • Dissatisfied despite super-good jobs
  • Longing to do something more fulfilling
  • Unsure what exactly I can and should change
  • Afraid of not making it and not belonging anymore


And already in my early 20s.... In my early 30s, I felt the inner emptiness of my materially so beautiful and comfortable yuppie lifestyle so much that I couldn't take it anymore. And I dared to slaughter my 'cash cow' and start all over again. But that didn't make me feel better right away. That came only gradually. Before that, I had to learn to overcome my doubts as to whether it was the right decision. To earn hardly anything and at the same time to produce very high expenses for further education and to be called crazy by my friends was namely an emotional 'cocktail' with a headache guarantee.


I'm glad I persevered and followed my heart despite all these difficulties and the uncertainty that came with it. And managed to establish myself as a Leadership Coach after ~ 7-8 years. And also to connect economically to the old times - with the difference that now I look forward to every single day and almost always feel grateful and satisfied.


And if I can do it, YOU can do it too! And most likely in a much shorter time than I did. Because you can learn from the many hindering thoughts I stood in my own way with and overcome them much faster if you want to. In any case, I support you with all my heart! 

Who is talking to you here...

I am Silvia Richter-Kaupp, Graduate in Business Administration, Master Certified Coach (ICF), textbook author, coaching tool developer, director of an internationally recognized coaching training (ACTP / ICF), soccer and boxing fan, animal lover and cat mom and much more. Before I started my own business as an interim manager and coach in 1997, I was the HR manager of the German subsidiary of an American corporation. But I have also worked in sales, in a retirement home, as a cleaner and on a farm ;-)

I believe that the happiness of our lives depends very much on the nature of our thoughts. And that we can change the world around us by changing the world inside us. That's why I burn to help people become aware of their thoughts and attitudes - and, if necessary, give themselves an update that makes them happier.


As I have had to deal with quite a few crises in the course of my 55 years of life, leadership has become the major theme of my life. Leadership with a focus on employee and business management. And leadership in the sense of self-leadership. And taken together, I call it life leadership. Being satisfied professionally AND privately. Living instead of being lived.


How can you achieve this? Over the years, I have acquired quite a bit of know-how in this field, which I am happy to pass on in coaching sessions, trainings, books and self-coaching tools. My coaching approach is based on the metaphor of life as a ship's voyage and is holistic in nature. In my toolbox are evidence-based approaches as well as spiritual ones. My core competencies are:

  • Flow-inspiring leadership
  • Self-leadership / stress management / resilience
  • Individual / group / team / mentor coaching
  • Education and training of business coaches
  • Nonviolent communication in business
  • Conflict mediation
  • Living fulfilled

Does this appeal to you?

Then I ill be happy to support you in becoming clear about who you want to be, what you want to contribute to and how you want to live. And how you succeed in awakening the willingness to cooperate and the creativity of your fellow human beings. You'll learn how to regain your inner peace when you feel emotionally triggered. And you'll internalize an agile coaching mindset that enables you to make a difference together with others rather than against them.


And if you are one of those leaders who like to coach or want to become a coach yourself, I offer you a worldwide recognized (ACTP / ICF) coaching training as a Business Coach IHK in cooperation with the Educational Center of the Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe.

In addition, you can engage my CoachCommunity as a coach pool if you want coaching support not only for yourself but also for your colleagues. In this way, you can help your employees to quickly regain their enthusiasm for their work and their performance, if it has been temporarily lost due to internal or external triggers.

If this appeals to you and you would like to learn more, please send me a short E-mail with a few appointment suggestions for a free of charge and not binding get-to-know conversation! In which we will find out if, and if so, how my team and I can support YOU. And sign up for my newsletter below to get some directly actionable impulses every few weeks that will help you not only overcome emotional dry spells, but even emerge stronger from them and give your life the updates that make you more satisfied.


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Give your life the update that makes you happy!