Coach Training

Champions League in Karlsruhe

The next cohort of the Accredited Coach Training Program I offer in cooperation with the educational center of the Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe will start their journey on September 9th, 2022.


The target group:


Quality-oriented people in leadership-functions (managers, entrepreneurs, human resources managers, consultants, trainers...) who would like to acquire a dialogical leadership-style, i.e.

  • inquiring instead of knowing
  • listening instead of judging
  • wanting to understand instead of commanding

and who are anxious to connect profitability with humanity.


Specific characteristics of the course:

  • Worldwide recognition (ACTP / ICF Accredited Coach Training Program)
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Unique Positioning Strategy (EKS) as mental tenor
  • Focus on the acquirement of a dialogical personal tenor
  • Soft enforcement to shine light on ones own identity and to find ones place in the world ;-)
  • Excellent toolbox from various schools (systemic, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral, NLP, NVC, Shadow Work, Transactional Analysis...) thanks to an eclectic approach
  • Comprehensive and intensive supervision through coachs with very long-standing experience
  • At least 6 individual mentor-coaching-sessions with a Master Certified Coach (MCC)

The learning target:


Regardless of you being an executive, entrepreneur, HR manager, consultant or trainer, you will develop your ability to lead others successfully through changes. Furthermore you will have become aware of what distinguishes yourself from others and how you can position yourself in career terms even more effectively.


At the end of the program you will have the ability to lead people in an appreciative way and support them effectively with coaching. You will have strengthened your communicative, analytical, social and emotional skills, you got to know and utilized various coaching-methods/-tools and sharpened your personal profile.


More information and registration:


Further information is provided in the document below and on the website of the educational center of the Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe under the following link. If you would like to participate, please register through the educational center of the Chamber of Commerce.


And if you would like to 'see behind the curtain', you may want to read the report of journalist Friederike Blaser, which was published in the magazine 'ZukunftBeruf' in June 2012. You can download it below. 

ZukunftBeruf Business Coach IHK.pdf
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Course Brochure - Start Date 09.09.22
BC 30 - 09.09.22.pdf
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Course Brochure - Start Date 24.03.23
BC 31 - 24.03.23.pdf
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