Your journey to yourself...

...highly individual & customized for you and/or your Team

Coaching is quite well known nowadays, but since coaching is not a protected profession, the term is sometimes used in highly different ways. And not everything that is sold as coaching is really coaching. Some is rather consulting, training or mentoring. Our understanding of coaching is based on the definition of the International Coaching Federation - the world's largest and oldest coaching association: 

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process

that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Our Understanding of Coaching...

Coach originally means 'carriage'. A coach is an aid to reach a destination faster and more comfortably than on foot. The occupant (i.e. the coachee) uses this aid, but decides for himself the direction and destination of the journey. The coachman (i.e. the coach) knows the routes, can estimate distances and travel times, and ensures good progress and appropriate breaks.

What you get from using Coaching...

When you use coaching, you gain new perspectives on issues that concern you. You become aware of your thinking, communication and behavior patterns, improve your decision-making skills and your relationships, and gain confidence for the different roles you have in your professional and private life. And we don't just claim that, it's been empirically proven by numerous studies. Nowadays, there is no question that coaching works. Research has found, for example, that coaching improves self-regulation skills and the ability to cope with problems, and increases performance and job satisfaction. And more. So you can expect to get something out of using coaching!

We are certified coaches (ICF) and specialized in leadership. We are happy to support you in topics such as the following:

  • How to achieve desires and goals instead of always dreaming about them
  • How to clear your head when you have been emotionally triggered
  • How to find out what you need, want and can do in order to be able to live contentedly
  • How to make clear decisions that you don't question afterwards, but implement with conviction
  • How to change limiting thought and behavior patterns that block you and prevent you from doing what you really want to do

Methodologically, we use a well-equipped toolbox, which contains evidence-based tools as well as spiritual ones and ranges from A like Autosuggestion, B like Belief Work and C like Clean Language to D like Digging, E like Embodiment, G like Goalsetting, I like Imagination, M like Mediation, N like NLP and Nonviolent Communication, S like Shadow Work and Solution Focued Interventions, T like Transactional Analysis, and W like WOOP, all of which can help in challenging situations. Not to forget a big pinch of humor and playful lightness, because you don't have to make your life even more difficult ;-)

How you can imagine Individual & Team Coaching Processes with us....

The diagram shows you the stages we go through when we are allowed to support you and/or your team in a coaching capacity.

Before we start, of course, we first discuss your hopes for the desired support to find out whether coaching is the right thing for you and whether the 'chemistry' between us is right.

If we decide to work together, we will adjust the duration of the stages and the intervals between them to your preferences and do everything to make it a wonderful journey.

What it takes from you to make the Coaching a good Experience....

Please only contact us if you are really motivated to change something. And if you are willing to invest some time over a period of several weeks or months for coaching sessions and reflection units on your own after the sessions. Sustainable changes usually require us to stick with them over a certain period of time. It's like sports: If you want to get muscles, they don't fall from the sky overnight, but grow over time with every little training you do. So if you really want to change something related to the topic you are concerned about and you are willing to do something for the desired change, we are super happy to support you!

What we can offer you...

Now you're probably wondering what that costs. You have the choice between three alternatives:

Variant 1 - Selective Support

If you choose a selective support, we will charge you for the coaching sessions exactly as they were used by you. Your investment will be between 290 € and 160 € per hour (plus VAT) according to your own estimation.

Variant 2 - Package with 5 Sessions

For consistent support on a topic, it is best to book a package with a total of 5 coaching sessions of 1-2 hours each. For this you pay between 2,100 € and 1,600 € (plus VAT) according to your own assessment.

Included in the package: At the first stage (starting point), we include the LINC Personality Profiler + a deep profile of your choice. Scientifically grounded evaluations that ensure your personality is taken into account when clarifying your professional and personal inquiries!

Variant 3 - Package with 10 Sessions

For longer-term support or coaching of several employees, you can book a package with 10 sessions, each lasting 1-2 hours. For this you invest between 3,600 € and 3,000 € (plus VAT) according to your own assessment.

Included in the package: At the first stage (starting point), we include the LINC Personality Profiler + a deep profile of your choice. Scientifically grounded evaluations that ensure your personality is taken into account when clarifying your professional and personal inquiries!

The ranges are chosen so that they represent a sufficient appreciation of our work. Which amount within the respective bandwidth is suitable and coherent for you, you determine yourself according to your assessment and possibilities.

When you see these prices, please keep in mind that 1 hour of coaching including preparation and follow-up means about 2 hours of engagement for us! For example, after each coaching session you will receive a transcript from us, which you can use to review the session and gain deeper insights. This contributes greatly to the productivity of the coaching.


If you have reached your goal earlier than expected and you did not need all the sessions of the selected package, we will of course refund you the partial amount for the unused sessions. Alternatively, the unused sessions can also be used for the benefit of other employees in your company.

No matter which of the three options you choose, we will always support you between coaching sessions via email or a special digital platform. This way, you can always keep an eye on your goal, see your progress, and it's easier for you to implement your plans. In other words: the effect of the coaching is sustainably strengthened.

Where the Coaching takes place...

The individual coaching sessions can either take place Face2Face in my ZebraLounge at Karlstraße 27 in downtown Karlsruhe, at your company, virtually via Zoom or on the phone. Virtual and phone sessions have many advantages: Coach and Coachee are more geographically independent and time flexible. Integrating appointments into everyday life is easier and all parties save time and money as there is no travel to and from the meeting. Being able to 'save face' often also leads to greater inner freedom and openness and deeper insights.

Don't spend another year stuck doing the same shit!