The term 'coaching' resounds throughout the land, but is used differently. From my point of view coaching is a professional method to reflect challenging job-related or private situations. If you use coaching, you will get new perspectives for current challenges. You will become aware of your patterns of thought, communication and behavior, improve your relationships and your ability to make decisions and gain security for the different roles of your life. 


Originally coach means 'carriage'. A carriage is a device which is used to reach a goal quicker and more comfortable as by foot. The passenger (coachee) uses this aid, but decides himself about the direction and the destination of his trip. The coachman (coach) knows the way, is able to estimate distances and journey times and cares for progress and adequate breaks.

I am a credentialed coach (Master Certified Coach / ICF) and specialized on 'mental balance'. I support you for instance, if you would like to...

  • learn to stay calm and confident instead of freaking out.
  • regulate feelings like anger, frustration, disappointment.
  • improve the quality of professional or private relationships.
  • dissolve conflicting feelings and come to clear decisions.
  • understand and resolve limiting patterns of thought / behavior.
  • position yourself clearly (compared with others / on the market).
  • become more authentic and live more in accordance with your values. 

As box-aficionado I see my role as that of a sparring partner: Someone who stipulates you to the extent necessary to master the upcoming challenge. In doing so I make use of a well-equipped toolbox, which contains a cornucopia of helpful instruments from A like Autosuggestion and Animal Potential, B like Bottleneck-concentrated Strategy and C like Clean Language, over D like Digging, E like Empathetic Listening, G like Goal-Setting, H like Honest Feedback, I like Introvision, L like Logical Levels, N like Nonviolent Communication, P like Picture Stimuli, S like Solution-focused Questions and Symbolic Modeling, T like Tapping and ThetaHealing® to W like WOOP. Not to forget a great hint of humor and playful ease, because there is no point in giving ourselves a hard time if it is not absolutely necessary. ;-)