Your journey to yourself... a group with helpful impulses from fellow travelers

Do you want to find out what you need, want and can do to live more contentedly?

And are you the type of person who finds it easier to illuminate such fundamental questions of human life together with others?

Then our #AwesomeLife group coaching program is perfect for you!

When you join one of our #AwesomeLife group coaching programs, you'll take a pretty detailed inventory of your strengths and tendencies, most important values and needs, dreams, desires and goals along the workbook My LifeCruise Navigator.


By the end of the group coaching program, you will....

  • know what makes you personally special and what you need to live a satisfied life.
  • have an idea of what you want to offer professionally and to whom, in order to attract work or clients that suit you.
  • have defined concrete goals, strategies and steps that will bring you closer to your vision of an ideal life.

The diagram shows you the stages of our journey. If you travel with a group, in addition to the input of your guide, you will be rewarded with impulses from the people who are setting out together with you.

This additional benefit, however, assumes that you are willing to ...

  • reflect on yourself, both alone and with individual peer partners from the group, as well as with the whole group.
  • to support the other participants in their reflection in a benevolent and appreciative, dialogical attitude.
  • to reflect more deeply on yourself between the individual 'ship passages' alone and with one or two of the other members of your travel group, and to allow a total of about 15-20 hours for this over the entire travel period.

So the group coaching program requires time as well as openness and agility, as the pace is set and you are challenged to keep working with changing partners. The reward is a cornucopia of different perspectives and ideas that even one-on-one coaching can't provide, and will greatly expand your horizons.

Our #AwesomeLife group coaching program takes place entirely virtually via Zoom. Depending on the start date and tour guide you choose, the individual ship passages last between 2 and 4 hours. And the intervals between the individual passages between 1 and 3 weeks. More details and the next travel dates can be found on the website

You mastered survival mode. Now it's time to live!