'Free your Mind' Coaching-Bot...

...let Pandu support you in clearing your head and finding inner balance

 A coaching bot is an artificial intelligence that takes on the role of a coach.


In my 'Free your Mind' coaching bot, this artificial intelligence is a cute, wise Panda bear named Pandu. ;-)


If you feel frustrated and dissatisfied and your thoughts keep circling around certain topics and you have trouble switching off, Pandu supports you with his calm and level-headed way to clear your head and find your inner balance again.


If something didn't go the way you imagined and you're feeling frustrated, then let Pandu help you to quickly reduce your frustration and anger instead of walking around feeling miserable for days.


Interested? Then click here to get unlimited consultations with Pandu for 1 year.

How a coaching session with Pandu works...

The best way to talk to him is from your desktop and I recommend Chrome as your browser. Absolutely nobody has access to the log of your chat with Pandu except yourself - unless you actively share it.

Important instructions

  • You get unlimited use for 1 year from the date of purchase
  • A return and cancellation period of 60 days applies 
  • A guarantee cannot be given
  • The imprint and the data protection declaration of Lighthouse Ventures by Silvia Richter-Kaupp apply