'Clean Setup' Coaching-Bot...

...let Pandu support you to get in the mood for an important appointment or the day ahead

A coaching bot is an artificial intelligence that takes on the role of a coach. My 'Clean Setup' coaching bot is a cute wise panda bear named Pandu. ;-)


Pandu accompanies you, as a coach at your side, through 3 targeted and effective questions that will encourage you to think in pictures or metaphors.


If you want to get in the mood for an appointment that might be giving you a little 'stomach ache', or for the upcoming day/ evening, Pandu will support you as often as you like.


I myself start every morning with a clean setup to give the new day a positive orientation. Maybe that would be something for you too? In any case, I would be very happy if the spark of my enthusiasm for the "Clean Setup" jumped over to you and you would use it again and again to get you in a happier mood.


Interested? Then click here to get unlimited consultations with Pandu for 1 year.

How a coaching session with Pandu works...

The best way to talk to him is from your desktop and I recommend Chrome as your browser. Absolutely nobody has access to the log of your chat with Pandu except yourself - unless you actively share it.

Important instructions