My Coaching- & Seminar-Rooms

My coaching- and seminar-rooms have their own name: Zebra Lounge. The name is inspired by the Zebras Unite movement, which aspires to balance Profit & Purpose. Profit not to make profit, but for a societal benefit. The Zebra Lounge is air-conditioned, has spacious 109 qm and is located at the top floor of Karlstraße 27 in Karlsruhe's city center close to the 'Europaplatz'. Only 5 tram-stops away from the central station. There are numerous restaurants and shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity and yet the Zebra Lounge is very quiet and offers a fantastic view over the surrounding buildings and the 'Stephansplatz'.


During those periods when I don't need the Lounge myself, you can gladly rent it. If that is of interest to you, send me an Email or give me a call.


Here some impressions of my Zebra Lounge: