Affair of the Heart

Getting and Keeping well and fit

I sell products to people who are constantly tired, have sore muscles and limbs and who wake up in the morning so battered, that they can barely get up - just like I used to. Everything hurt and I had so little energy, that even after 2-3 hours of work, I was so exhausted, that I could barely lift my bag.


Driven by my exasperation I sought help from several doctors - also some who applied alternative treatments - but nothing seemed to work. Some of the treatments even aggravated my pain or the positive effect ceased after a short time.


The turningpoint was reached after I had undergone several jawbone surgeries, two treatments of a Philippine healer and the regular intake of some of the products of LifePlus. I noticed that I was able to sleep through the night again, and that even though I was still waking up with pain in the morning, it now only took 15 minutes until I could stay in an upright position and go to the bathroom. That was ~10 years ago and today I can even do a small fitness session right after getting up, which used to be simply unimaginable. :-)


I was so impressed by these products, that I decided to recommend them to people with similar experiences, so that they can benefit from these products as well.


Maybe you know someone who is constantly tired and/or feels pain in their muscles and limbs, and who would benefit from these products as well?


Then click here for more information about the products and the company and to take orders or contact me via phone (+49 721 9374810) or email (