Team Coaching

Supporting workteams in challenging situations


Team coaching is especially profitable when complete employee-groups (e.g. a sales department or a project team) face new challenges and/or disagreements and conflicts. Central to team coaching is solving a collective assignment.


As team coach I act as impulse-giver, faciliator, moderator, and mediator and make sure that the different interests and point of views are clear for everyone, the key aspects are identified and resilient solutions are found. I intentionally don't position myself in regards to the content, but act as neutral as possible. For all intents and purposes I build the common ground, so that the team has a resilient basis for their work in the future. In doing so, I pay attention to interactions and sensitivities, I moderate, mediate, visualize, and structure the process and make the group's progress transparent. The goal is to boost the quality of the collaboration and performance of the team.


Your investment for a team coaching session should be between 2.100 € and 1.600 € (+ VAT) per day. Expenses for travel and accommodation may add to that.


When you would like to provide support to one of your teams and want to find out if team coaching is an appropriate measure and if I am the right partner for you, feel free to contact me via phone (+49 721 937 48 10) or email ( The clarifying first conversation is of course free of charge.