My Coach-Pool: CoachCommunity

Diverse. Competent. Professional. Effective.

Would you like to offer your employees a selection of professional coaches?

Then you should take a look at my CoachCommunity

All listed coaches have successfully completed a professional business coach training and dedicated themselves to continuous professional advancement:

  • at least 2 days a year of coaching-relevant training
  • at least 3 supervision / intervision sessions per year
  • at least 3 mentor coaching sessions per year
  • at least 3 coaching sessions as coachees per year
  • compliance with the ethical guidelines of the ICF (the world's largest and oldest association of professional coaches)

My coach pool therefore offers a guarenteed quality and at the same time a great variety of know-how from leadership to conflict management to sales and marketing. 

You will have safe and easy access to various coaches with different know-how from one source (at a glance and with efficient processing through standardized contracts) with secured quality through consistent training, skill enhancement and compliance with ethical guidelines.

Coaching contributes to increased performance and motivation of your employees and will often be experienced as recognition. Therefore coaching is great for employee retention. In addition, it will improve your image, and your company will be perceived as an attractive employer.

Employees who regularly participate in coaching, strengthen their soft-skills, i.e. their emotional and social competence, which contributes to cooperative behavior and higher creativity. 

I will gladly provide advice, if you are interested. Feel free to contact me via or call me under +49 721 9374810.