My Beliefs

I believe... 


  • that we are most effective if we develop and express concrete ideas, but handle them flexibly and dialogically rather than pushing them through and putting pressure on others.
  • that there would be much less tension, anger and stress in the world if more people had developed the skill to regulate their emotions and moods.
  • that inner peace leads to outer peace because "Those who are in peace with themselves are not tempted to declare war to others" (Ernst Ferstl)
  • that small changes lead to big changes and that we can influence our world with each little acitivity to the better. 
  • that everything we do or don't do is an attempt to meet needs, and that it is possible to come to agreements if one makes an effort to consider the needs of all parties involved rather than railing against one another. 
  • that it is possible to master challenges in a way which is acceptable for everybody. 
  • that all people - regardless of their usefulness for our society - and acutally all creatures deserve respect. 
  • that it is fair, 'right' and important that entrepreneurs receive an adequate return for their readiness to assume risks and their commitment. 
  • that it is possible to balance the interest of entrepreneurs for an adequate return with the interest of the staff for a humane treatment. 
  • that nothing in life happens without meaning and reason and that we can learn something from everything.