What Clients say about my Work

I would like to thank you for this great session. Never before I got such profound and good help. That takes a load off my mind.


Many thanks for the very good coaching-session. I can definitely say that it was very helpful and you have also encouraged me.


I am enthusiastic. This would not have come to my mind.


I am grateful that you care so much about me. I am also grateful for the "hard words".


I thank you very much for the productive coaching. The result makes me feel very glad.


I am very happy that I found you ;-)

I pay you with pleasure - with all my heart - therefore just handle this however it is comfortable for you. I anyhow feel very supported by you.


Many thanks for the many positive and kind hints and the encouragement!!


Our last conversation stirred me a lot after we put down the receiver. After one night I found it clarifying and helpful.


Super. Thousand thanks. I hope you charge nightwork premium!


I was completely satisfied. I got concrete verbalization-recommendations  which were suitable for me. The practical role-play was especially helpful.


I think back at that time with pleasure. I felt accepted as I am.


Mrs. Richter-Kaupp was very integrating. One could always sense her ability to put herself in everybody's shoes.


Mrs. Richter-Kaupp explained all coherences very clearly and in an appealing way.


I thank you from all my heart for this outstanding seminar with all the loving details.


I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere in the group and the mutual acceptance. I felt well taken care of.


I felt welcome already after the first phone-call.


For me it was very helpful; more was really not possible in the time given.


Professional, self-assured and mindul facilitation.


With the carefully planned exercises, which were very clearly prepared and accompanied, I felt very supported.


It was striking with how much confidence people participated in this workshop although nobody knew each other before. I think it was Mrs. Richter-Kaupp's inner attitude and her authenticity which created this sense of well-being and trust.